Looking for a quality metal fabricator that welcomes small to medium first production runs? Jensen Fabrication is your experienced and qualified product prototyping partner. While we are very comfortable working with limited quantity orders, the capabilities we offer you are anything but limited. We are fully equipped to optimize your product prototyping process. Our investment in Jensen Fabrication means you will have access to the most advanced metalworking capabilities available. We’ll get your product to market fast so you see the quickest return on your investment.

Great Ideas Grow with Great Prototyping

Take your product prototyping to a whole new level with Jensen Fabrication. Your product prototype will be both sleek and functional, giving your new product the best possible representation. Your complete product prototyping needs are met, from small-batch, low-cost production runs to rapid turnarounds.  You can bring us your CAD files, or simply bring us your idea to begin your product prototyping process.

Developing Profitable Products and Processes

Creating the best prototype is just the beginning of how we can help. Through the benefit of our experience and expertise in prototype fabrication, we’ll develop the most advantageous manufacturing process for your new product. Our Jensen Fabrication capabilities mean that we can test-run and refine your product fabrication until we reach the best combination of quality, efficiency, and profitability. Our Salvagnini technology also allows us to deliver the highest degree of repeatability from run to run, far surpassing the capabilities of the typical job shop. You can count on consistency even if your product design is complex or has tight tolerances.