Product Development

The process of OEM product development starts with your idea and develops into the manufacture of your product. As your sheet metal fabrication partner, we offer you the advantages of high mix/low volume and kit manufacturing capabilities as well as decades of OEM product development experience.

Turn Your Vision into a Product

From the prototyping stage, to developing an efficient manufacturing design, to precision fabrication, we are your OEM product development partner. Decades of sheet metal fabrication and product development experience position us to serve you as a total solution partner that serves you during all phases of your new product development. We can work with your engineering design files seamlessly or assist you with the development of your product design files.

Unique OEM Product Development Capabilities

Jensen offers you access to metalworking capabilities that far exceed the typical job shop through our flexible fabrication system. Whether your components require welding, powder coating, anodization, or a polished finished, we provide you with a complete product from a single source. In a broader sense, we offer you total-package OEM product development services, sparing you the stress of internal manufacturing issues and capital investment concerns while helping you realize better profit margins.